Hi! So nice to see you! Thank you for stopping by.  Come on in.

Are you hungry? I just finished cooking this.  Have a seat.

Welcome to Chez Amy where you will find flavorful home-cooking ideas for you and your family that are inspired by my Italian family, travels and endless experimentation.

Cooking is my passion and creative outlet, well my love language really. My mother’s family is of Italian descent. Food is our way of life; it’s in our genes.

I was brought up on really good, homemade food. As a young adult, I lived in Europe and the Caribbean where I constantly asked people how they made the meals they graciously shared with me.

I love the sights, smells, sounds, tastes, temperatures, textures. And when I eat a great meal and have a full belly, I am known to say, “Buddha is happy!” as I rub my belly.  I may also be known to wiggle in my chair with delight after each bite.

The true pleasure is that food brings people together. 

We share our lives and good food!  And I want to share this amazing gift with you so that you may enrich your life too.

This is my victory dance after I made mackerel for the first time. I had never eaten it before, so I had no idea what it was supposed to taste like. It turned out GREAT!