Want to know more about Amy?

My dream is to help as many people learn to cook delicious food as possible!

Chez Amy Values:  Good life-long health, YUMMY food, Happy Buddha (aka my belly), Warm Hospitality, Kindness, Direct Sincerity, Curiosity, and HUMOR!

Yes, I eat fast food.  Yes, I eat cheeze crackers, brats and beans.  And oh lord, don’t send me to the grocery store when I’m starving!  I’m certain to leave with corn chips and a jar of spinach dip that I will open in the car before leaving the parking lot!

My cooking started with family, then was enhanced by travel, and finally forced by sickness.  I will share my story soon.

There are times when the last thing I want to do is cook.  So I best manage it by keeping my pantry and fridge filled with certain staples.

My sweetheart is in charge of quality assurance.  And my doggo reminds me to play when I work.

My greatest joy is when my adult daughter texts me to ask how I make something she liked growing up, or tells me she now likes something she used to think was weird!